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About Us

North Quabbin Citizen Advocacy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that has been making friendship and practical help matches since 1983.

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North Quabbin Citizen Advocacy is an association to develop and support relationships for people who will benefit from guidance, companionship and/or advocacy.


Our objective is to provide protection and advocacy for vulnerable people by fostering one-to-one personal relationships between people living in the North Quabbin Community.

Pictured, front: Nate Johnson, Executive Director; back, left to right: Maryann Sullivan, (retired) Office Manager; Bonnie Frank, (retired) Coordinator; Carol Bachelder, Associate Coordinator and Jessica Gale-Tanner, Administrative Coordinator


Our Work is Vital

We are being challenged in ways we have not known before.

  • Survival - Work - Family - Home - Food - Safety

  • Where is community with physical distance?

  • We need each other.

  • Communities work best when the web of relationships include us all—the poor, elderly, and disabled side by side with the rich, young, and able-bodied.

  • The informal network of mutually beneficial relationships defines community.

  • Disabled people are often not included.

  • NQCA invites ordinary citizens to reach out and include our neighbors that are in need, and in doing so strengthens the web for us all.

Our Process

  • NQCA recruits and supports unpaid advocates to be helpful friends to people who would benefit from guidance, companionship and/or advocacy.

  • NQCA, through the relationships it supports, helps the people in need, their advocates, and the entire community as neighborly caring increases.

Our Impact

  • Through newsletters, presentations, and discussions, NQCA’s work invites others to call forth more neighborly caring in other communities.

  • Lessons from working with hundreds of people in caring relationships serve as a guide to others on the “how to” questions of initiating and supporting freely-given relationships.

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