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Our Board of Directors

Judy McIntosh, President

Maryann Sullivan, Secretary

Naomi Charest

Will Johnson

Cindy LaJoy

Joanna Moest, Vice President

Stephanie Bachelder

Susie Feldman

Frank Kanserstein

Lisa Pollock

Ben Feldman, Treasurer

Karl Bittenbender

Mark Jackson

Raenette Kramer

Mary Sukolz

Leslie Kinney, Board Retreat facilitator stands next to the projector screen
A table of morning snacks, coffee and water for those attending the Board Retreat
Executive Director Nate Johnson and Judy McIntosh talk at the 2021 Board Retreat
Board Members Naomi Charest, Stephanie Bachelder and Cindy LaJoy are seated at tables and Board Retreat Facilitator Leslie Kinney standing during the 2021 Board Retreat
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