Thank You to Our Supporters

We would like to thank everyone who has supported NQCA this year.

Joan Abboud

Betsy Alkins & Alan Berman

Estelle Anderson

John Andrews

Rev. Candi Ashenden

Athol Area YMCA

Athol Congregational Church

Athol Savings Bank

Athol Spirits

Athol-Orange Rotary Club

Audisee Electronics

Vicki Baker

Bruce Banks

Stephanie Bachelder

Al & Bonnie Benjamin

Debbie Bergeron

Berube Real Estate

Chuck & Sherry Berube

Karl & Doris Bittenbender

Shirley Bock

Karin Bonesteel

Susan Bowdridge

Gary Brigham

Amber Burgess

Kris Burns & Jeannie Miller

Cheryl Calcari

Guy Caruso

Central Congregational Church of New Salem

Lisa Champagne

Naomi Charest & Michael Ciampa

Vicki Chase

Russell & Carol Clark

A. Parker Cleveland & Cara Cutter

Kathy Coles

Community Church of North Orange & Tully

Community Foundation of North Central MA

Community Foundation of Western MA

Cornerstone Insurance Agency, Inc.

Carol Courville

Peter & Candy Cross

Arland & Alana Day

Tabitha DeHays

Delta Consulting Group

John & Lisa DeWitt

Diemand Farm

Dillon Chevrolet

Donbeck Sales

Tom & Jan Doody

Ed Dornig

Virginia Durgin

Thomas W. Ellis

Else Where

Engineering Design Services

Helen Estabrooks

Marilyn Farnum

Ben & Susie Feldman

Joshua Feldman

Myron Feldman

Alison Field-Juma

Rice Flanders

Dave Flint

Flint's Garage Sales

Kevin & Jean Fountain

Bruce Fowler

William Fraher

Bonnie Frank

Frank S. Parmenter Trust

Dot Frye

David & Pam Gale

Jessica Gale-Tanner & Ben Tanner

Gelinas Companies

Peter & Nancy Gerry

Janet Goldsmith

Marguerite Goulet

Greater Worcester Community Foundation

Karen Grzesik & Polly Bixby

Deb Habib & Ricky Baruc


Nancy Hannon

Katherine Hart

Bo & Janet Henderson

James & Barbara Herbert

Heyes Forest Products, Inc.

Heywood Healthcare

Bonnie Hodgdon

Hume Equipment Co.

Bruce Illhardt

Cynthia Jack

Mark Jackson

Jake Doody Logging

John W. Boynton Fund

Glenn Johnson

Rev. Dr. Jeffrey P. Johnson

Leon & Sandra Johnson

Nate Johnson

Will Johnson

Constance Kane

Frank Kanserstein

Kessler Investments, Inc.

Kimball-Cooke, Inc.

Leslie Kinney

Jim & Nancy Lake

Pat Larson

Amanda Leavitt

Donna Leavitt

Alice Leonard


Lisa Loves

Luanne Lyman

Mack Family Funeral Homes

Mahar Key Club

Ryan Mailloux

Danielle Marceau

Lisa Matthews

Kim McConnell

Judy McIntosh

Marilyn McIntosh

Cecile Mealand

Sherrill Modzeleski

Nancy Mooney

Kenneth & Moira Mumma

Thomas Murphy

Dale & Diane Myntti

Diane Nassif

James & Marion Nelson

North Orange Grange #86

Ashley O'Brien

Tom & Susan O'Connor

Atty. Pamela E. Oddy

Linda Overing & John Ryan

Crystal Parent

Michelle Parker

Priscilla Peirce

Pete's Tire Barns

Christine Phelps

Ann Phinney

Lisa Pollock

Philip & Carla Rabinowitz

Ramon Investments

Dennis & Kelley Rice

Tom Rich

Jeanette Robichaud

Philip & Andrea Shaughnessy

Ruth Shaw


Silver Therapeutics

Solar & Kilcoyne

Deborah Soucie

Stan's Liquor Mart, Inc.

Heidi Strickland & Susan Paju

John Swan

Joyce Sweeney

Frances Taylor

Tech 1 Computers

James & Patricia Tedford

Kenton Tharp

Virginia Thayer

Robert P. Turnan

United Congregational Church of Holyoke

United Way of Franklin County

Uptown Package Store

Sarah Vanderlaan

Donna Wainwright

Evelyn Walker

Randall & Kathleen Webster

Charlotte Weltzin

Dee Wheeler

Susannah Whipps

Whipps, Inc.

Ruth White

Whole Sale Carpet Service

Witty's Funeral Home

Joanne Woodcock

Vicki Yonkers

Allen Young

Francis Zak

Tom Ziniti



Thank You!


We would like to extend a HUGE thank you to those who helped make our Drive-Thru Lasagna Meal a success.

Thank you to those who purchased meals, volunteered in the kitchen, packaged meals, handed out meals and kept the cars moving through the parking lot. Also, a big thank you to Quabbin Harvest for the donation of salad ingredients and the Athol Congregational Church for sponsoring the meal!

Your support makes it possible for us to continue to support people with mental handicaps or disorders.

Thank You to Our Partners and Supporters!