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Thank You to Our Supporters

We would like to thank everyone who has supported NQCA this year.

Joan Abboud

Rev. Candi Ashenden

Athol Area YMCA

Athol Congregational Church

Athol-Orange Rotary Club

Athol Savings Bank

Athol Spirits

Audisee Electronics

Stephanie Bachelder

Mara Balk

Bruce & Karen Banks

Danielle Barron

Al & Bonnie Benjamin

Berube Real Estate

Chuck Berube

Sherry Berube

Karl Bittenbender

Pam & Richard Bliss

Shirley Bock

Joan Bonner

Susan Bowdridge

Steven Bradley

Vera Breault

Gary Brigham

David Bunker

Kris Burns & Jeannie Miller

Lisa Carey

Guy Caruso

Dawn & Christopher Casavant

Central Congregational Church of New Salem

Vicki Chace

Naomi Charest & Michael Ciampa

Claire Clingerman

Community Church of North Orange & Tully

Cool Hand Builders

Janet Cope

Cornerstone Insurance Agency, Inc.

Peter & Candy Cross

Leonard G. Crossman Law Office

Judy Curley

Ralph & Joy Cutter

Arland & Alana Day

The Dance Studio

Pamela & Jay Deane

Deja Brew

Jeri Deyo

Diemand Farm

Tom & Jan Doody

Virginia Durgin

William Ellis

Engineering Design Services

Helen Estabrooks

Ben & Susie Feldman

Max Feldman

Dave Flint

Ann Forcier

Becky Fortin

Jean & Kevin Fountain

Bruce Fowler

William Fraher

Bonnie Frank

Brenda Frenette

Priscilla Gaignard

David & Pam Gale

Jessica Gale-Tanner & Ben Tanner

Peter & Nancy Gerry

Sen. Anne M. Gobi

Janet Goldsmith

Atty. Lynnette Goodnow

Tony Graton

Karen Grzesik & Polly Bixby


Nancy Hannon

Katherine Hart

Lettie Hebert
Bo & Janet Henderson

James & Barbara Herbert

Heyes Forest Products, Inc.

Heywood Healthcare

Highland Press

Hunt Accounting Services, Inc.

Cynthia Jack

Jake Doody Logging

The Jefferson Inn

Glenn Johnson

Rev. Dr. Jeffrey P. Johnson

Ken & Judy Johnson
Leon & Sandra Johnson

Nate Johnson

Will Johnson

Frank Kanserstein

Kessler Investments, Inc.

Deb Kierstead

Erin Kimball

Kimball-Cooke, Inc.

Leslie Kinney

Sandra Knight

Jim & Nancy Lake

Pat Larson

Amanda Leavitt

Donna Leavitt

Alice Leonard

Debbie Litchfield

Luanne Lyman

Mack Family Funeral Homes

Mahar Key Club

Janet Marble

Judy McIntosh

Marilyn McIntosh

Sherrill Modzeleski

Elizabeth Mount

Kenneth & Moira Mumma

Thomas Murphy

Dale & Diane Myntti

Diane Nassif

Noel's Nursery

North Orange Grange #86

Ashley O'Brien

Tom & Susan O'Connor

Open Sky Community Services

Orange Oil Co.

Orange Saws

Orange United Methodist Church

Linda Overing & John Ryan

Pete's Tire Barns

Christine Phelps

Gary Phelps

Ann Phinney

Joyce Phinney

Pioneer Valley Environmental, LLC

Alecia & Steve Piscitello

Kevin & Lynn Price

Lisa Pollock

Porter Transportation Co., Inc.

Prescott Oil

Philip & Carla Rabinowitz

Rita Rayner

Deborah Reidy

Tom Rich

Patricia Roach

Jeanette Robichaud

Jim Ross

Rough Cut Sawmill

Dianne Salcedo

Donna Seamore

Maile Shoul

Deborah Soucie

Stan's Liquor Mart, Inc.

Maryann Sullivan

Ruth Momi Suyenaga

John Swan

Joyce Sweeney

Frances Taylor

Tech 1 Computers

James & Patricia Tedford

Cynthia Thayer

Virginia Thayer

Trail Head & Scrafty

Michele Turner

Sarah Vanderlaan

Donna Wainwright

Evelyn Walker

Sarah Wells

Paul Weltzin

Dee Wheeler

Rep. Susannah Whipps

Whipps, Inc.

Ruth White

Tessa White-Diemand

Lois Wilbur

Joyce & Bruce Wilson

Witty's Funeral Home

Joanne Woodcock

Polly Wozny

Jack & Marcia Yates

Francis & Pat Zak


Richard Chase playing guitar and singing

Thank You!

Ernie Bobilin playing the Star Spangled Banner on the piano with attendees singing
John DeWitt and The Tectonics performing
Jack Arnot signing and Judy Johnson playing piano

We would like to extend a HUGE thank you to those who helped make our Spring Soup & Song a success!

Thank you to those who made soups and desserts, donated rolls, provided entertainment and to all who came out and attended the first in-person event in 3 years!

Your support makes it possible for us to continue to support people with mental handicaps or disorders.

Thank You to Our Partners and Supporters!

Agnes M. Lindsay Trust

Anita P. Gilger Trust

The Beim Foundation

Community Foundation of North Central Massachusetts

United Way of the Franklin and Hampshire Region

Frank S. Parmenter Trust Fund, Bank of America, N.A., Co-Trustee

Greater Worcester Community Foundation

Heywood Charitable Foundation

John W. Boynton Fund, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee


North Quabbin Chamber of Commerce

North Quabbin Community Coalition

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