Associate Coordinator

WORK SCHEDULE:  15-20 hours/week, flexible schedule (schedule varies based on when people are available to meet)


SUPERVISORY STRUCTURE:  Supervised by NQCA Board of Directors through its Supervision/Support Committee. Works cooperatively with Executive Director and other coordinators.


QUALIFICATIONS:  Must live in the North Quabbin community and demonstrate active involvement within the community. Previous associations with, and demonstrated respect for, disabled people is highly valued. Must be able to write effectively and communicate verbally in both individual and group contexts. Experience with citizen boards and non-profit organizations governance preferred.


WORKSITE:  NQCA office, private homes, and community settings throughout the North Quabbin area, and occasionally in other locations.


WORKING CONDITIONS:  This is a position with diverse responsibilities requiring self-motivation and independent follow-through on assigned tasks.


REQUIREMENTS: Current vaccinations including the COVID vaccine.




  1. As described in NQCA policy and procedure on protégé recruitment, assist in planning protégé recruitment and in following protégé recruitment plans. Identify protégés and carry out recruitment, interviews and other information gathering through contact with protégés, family members and other involved parties. Assist in development of protégé portraits.

  2. Plan and carry out recruitment, screening, selection, orientation, and training of potential advocates as specified in annual plans and in relevant NQCA policies and procedures.

  3. Facilitate matches between protégés and advocates, and provide follow-along and support for relationships as described in NQCA policies and procedures.

  4. Advise advocates about the availability of resources or services they may be seeking for their protégés. This includes recruitment of advocate associates to assist advocates and participation in learning opportunities that NQCA offers to advocates.

  5. Disseminate information about and interpret NQCA to political and community leaders, community groups, families, churches, school personnel, funding sources, human service agencies and others through individual contacts, speaking engagements and distribution of program literature. Develop and sustain supportive relationships with key program supporters.

  6. Working with NQCA staff, provide evaluation of program activities, coordination of outside review teams, public education offerings and development of plans to address issues and opportunities.

  7. Assist NQCA staff in preparing progress notes, reports and plans as required on program development efforts, ongoing program activities, funding efforts, various statistical analyses and individual relationship activities as required by the Board, funding sources and others.

  8. Assist NQCA staff with fundraising activities.

  9. Participation in board and committee meetings and assisting Board members in completing assigned tasks.

  10. Other duties, as needed when other staff are not available, as assigned by the Executive Director, Board or Supervision/Support Committee.